Training Courses

Our Core Training Courses include the following:


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Processing System with Characteristics as Consensus, Provenance, Immutability and Finality, having the features of Tamperproof, Trusted, Shared, Replicated, Permissioned. Requirements of Blockchain are Shared Ledger, Smart Contract, Privacy & Trust. Blockchain Benefits are Saves Transaction Time, Removes Overhead Costs, Reduces Risk, Increases Trust. You name the Industry it can be implemented on Blockchain Technology.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a secure Cloud Services Platform. Offers reliable, scalable and inexpensive Cloud computing services. It has products like Compute, Storage, Database, Migration, Networking & Content Delivery, Management Tools, Analytics, Machine Learning, Application Integration, Security, Identity & Compliance, Mobile Services and so on…

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go. The ones who provides Cloud Computing Services are AWS, IBM, Google, Microsoft and so on. Benefits of Cloud computing are Pay when you consume compute services, Lower variable cost on customers, Access as much as or little as needed, Increased speed & agility of services, minimized maintenance cost on data centers.

Internet Of Things

IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interacts with cloud applications and other devices. IoT platforms provide secure communication, data processing and routing, and device management across different kinds of connected devices and locations so you can easily build IoT applications such as industrial solutions and connected home solutions. IoT can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process and route those messages to other devices reliably and securely.

Hadoop, Spark, Scala

Apache Hadoop, a free, open source, Java-based programming framework. Hadoop’s Core components are MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File System. Hadoop Ecosystem includes Pig, Hive, HBase, ZooKeeper, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume.  Hadoop is a great Big Data solution and it's not the only Big Data solution. Characteristics of Big Data are Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. Spark, the technology that is revolutionizing the analytics and big data world. Spark is an open source processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and analytics. If you have large amounts of data that requires low latency processing that a typical MapReduce program cannot provide, Spark is the way to go.

Data Science, Big Data

Data Science is the hottest field of the century. data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing the way people do business and research around the world. The most popular data science tools are like Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio IDE, Apache Zeppelin, OpenRefine and more. Tools are available to use directly on the cloud at no charge. Data science is a process, not an event. It is the process of using data to understand different things, to understand the world. Data science is the art of uncovering the insights and trends that are hiding behind data. It's when you translate data into a story, so you use the storytelling to generate insights.