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VidyaTechnos, A Division of VTFB Systems Pvt. Ltd, A Product Development and Application Development Firm using Emerging Technologies like Internet of Things - IOT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc.. Development support on On-Site & Off-Shore Projects.
Can Provide Corporate Training, Industrial Training and Internships

Our Focus in IOT Products Implementation are SMART Farming, SMART Schools, SMART Colleges, SMART Homes, SMART Offices, SMART Attendance Systems, SMART Tracking, SMART Parking, SMART Villages, SMART Cities, SMART Toll Gates, SMART HealthCare Systems, SMART Energy, SMART Irrigation, SMART Manufacturing, SMART Logistics and so on...

Standard IOT Applications

Per Customer needs and requirements, we can build any vertical specific IOT Applications you are looking for

Industrial IOT Applications

Per Industry needs of Automating day to day operations, we can build any Industry Specific Industrial IOT Applications

Cloud Integration

Standard IOT or Industry IOT Applications, we can Integrate with Cloud and Provide Cloud Analytics

IOT Products for Implementation

Please reach us if interested in any of these products or verticals for Implementation

SMART Farming

SMART Farming

SMART Farming, also known as Precision Agriculture or SMART Agriculture, is an innovative approach to modernize and optimize agriculture by using advanced technology and data-driven solutions. It aims to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and productivity of agricultural practices while minimizing resource waste and environmental impact. SMART Farming leverages a wide range of Technologies and data sources to make more informed decisions, automate processes, and enhance overall Farm Management

SMART Cities

SMART Cities

IOT based SMART Cities have SMART Traffic Management, Integrated Street Lighting Systems, SMART Waste Management, SMART Water Management

SMART School

SMART School

SMART Schools is a concept of having SMART Interactive Whiteboards, SMART Lighting, SMART Virtual Reality Learning, Digital Libraries, e-Books, SMART Lockers, SMART Real Time Tracking - To monitor student progress and performance, SMART Automated Systems - To Automate repetitive tasks, SMART Eco-Friendly Environment - By monitoring Energy usage and controlling it in an efficient way

SMART HealthCare

SMART HealthCare

SMART HealthCare Improves Efficiency, Accuracy and Quality of HealthCare Services. Applications can be implemented are Remote Patient Monitoring, Medication Management, Hospital Asset Management, Telemedicine, HealthCare Analytics, Electronic Health Records, Ambient Assisted Living, Patient Engagement, Emergency Response, Infection Control, Predictive Maintenance, Wearable Health Devices



IOT Technology enhances SMART Home Capabilities, which are increasing in demand due to their convenience and energy saving benefits. IOT Based SMART Homes allow for the Automation of repetitive tasks such as Security Systems, Entertainment Systems, Lighting, Temperature control, Door Locking and Un-locking

SMART Manufacturing

SMART Manufacturing

SMART Manufacturing collects and analyzes data in real-time, enabling better decision-making, increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved overall productivity. Systems can be implemented are Data Collection and Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Quality Control, Energy Efficiency, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Process Automation, Workforce Safety, Data Analytics & AI, Customization and Personalization, Compliance and Reporting

Interested in Implementing IOT Products

Please reach us with your specific requirements in any of the above IOT Verticals

Our Resources are very experienced in building IOT Products meeting Customer needs,  expectations and Industry Standards

All our IOT Products built are as per Industry Standards and Guidelines

We provide 24 x 7 Customer support in solving any issues comes during implementation, after implementation and during usage of IOT Products

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What Our Customers Have to Say

I can see VidyaTechnos has a lot of experience in this field of Emerging Technologies. The Products and Applications they have Implemented In IOT - Internet of Things are tremendous and covers many verticals.
Sr. Analyst
Very Impressed for IOT Based SMART Home they Implemented for us.
I am impressed with IOT based SMART Parking Implementation by VidyaTechnos
IOT based SMART Tracking Implemented by VidyaTechnos is very Impressive and made my life easier

Reach us if interested in our Products

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VidyaTechnos, A Division of VTFB Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Govt of AP Incubation Center, Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society – APIS
2nd Floor, INFOSIGHT Building
Guntur Dist. AP – 522501
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